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Lifting Us To New Heights!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 - 00:00

Exciting news - today launches a new venture for us, with the arrival of our brand new lorry mounted crane trailer!

The trailer is a Mac semi low loader, and it has been paired with a Pesci 87.5 tonne/meter knuckleboom crane.  The semi low loader itself has outriggers and wide load marker boards, as well as hydraulic ramps to the rear.

The Pesci 875 SE is among the biggest in its class of knuckleboom cranes.  It is capable of lifting loads in excess of 15,000kg at 4.6m from its base, and loads in excess of 3,600kg at 17.45m from its base.  The crane has seven hydraulic extensions and is fully controlled by the operator using the latest Scanreco radio remote control.  Our operators are fully ALLMI qualified and certified as lorry mounted crane operators as well as slingers and signallers.

The construction of LHS 22 was done to the highest standard by City Hydraulics, the UK's main agent for Pesci lifting systems.  The trailer and crane combination is fully self-sufficient, powered by a Hatz diesel engine and was built to our specification to include a rising ladder to the front of the trailer where we have had a lockable cabinet installed, and a safety guard rail to prevent falling from height.  The cabinet houses the crane's lifting gear and accessories, including container lugs, single and double leg chain slings, webbing slings and round slings, all in various lengths and capacities, as well as operators safety equipment including ladder, harnesses and fall arrest system.  The trailer also holds a specially built cradle which carries our bespoke adjustable spreader beam.  This allows us to lift wide, long and delicate items. 

At the time of manufacture, we asked City Hydraulics to alter the ramps mechanically so that they can be quick released from the electric and hydraulic systems of the trailer and to fit lifting eyes to each ramp so the crane can remove its own ramps if required, allowing us to carry longer items which overhang the rear of the trailer.

It feels appropriate in our anniversary year of trading (120 years!) to make a return to the lifting industry - our last lorry mounted crane vehicle left our fleet in the last millennium!  We're really excited to be able to offer this service directly to our existing customers, and to new customers.  Get in touch if you want to talk about your requirements, and make sure you follow us on Facebook to see the creane in action!