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Moving With The Times

Thursday, 31 March 2016 - 00:00

Responding to customer demand, we have added another open deck semi low loader to the fleet.  These popular trailers are always very busy, and to meet the requirements of our customers we have increased our capacity and improved our services.

LHS T21 was made by Andover Trailers, and features a 9t electric winch with snatch block, outriggers and wide load markers as well as full width, double flip over, bi-folding ramps.  This means that as opposed to standard semi low loader ramps which stand upright when travelling, we have the option to power ours forward and lay them flat on the bed.  This reduces drag and allows us to be more aerodynamic when empty, and also allows us to carry longer items which can overhang the rear of the trailer.  Utilising the full width of the ramps, we can now safely load and carry vehicles with a centre wheel, three wheels or narrow axles.

If you're interested in using this trailer please Contact Us!