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Brand New On Fleet

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 - 00:00

We have taken delivery today of our brand new, purpose built mega low wheelbox trailer!

Trailer LHS 27 was built to our specifications by Andover Trailers to carry tall items and vehicles with exceptionally low ground clearance.  It has curtain sides and a sliding roof so it can be loaded by crane or forklift, but it also has a full length, one piece ramp to the rear - this allows vehicles and machiines to be driven onto the trailer. 

The top of the trailer bed is only 575mm from the ground, which means we can carry items up to 4.3m tall and still be under the 4.88m (16ft) height which bridges and overhead obstructions must be marked up to.  We are able to quote for loads in excess of 4.88m overall height but detailed route surveys must be carried our prior to movement - part of our HuntUsual service.

LHS 27 achieves its extra low ground clearance by having modular suspension units instead of standard axles, and if the driver needs to boost his ground clearance ( e.g. to traverse a speed bump, or hump back bridge etc.) he can do so by the push of a button in the cab.  This will divert air from the tanks to the air bags, and raise the suspension until he has crossed the obstruction.

This versatile and dynamic trailer is a great addition to our fleet!