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Moving Up A Gear

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 - 00:00

Keeping your fleet as economical and efficient as possible is a real priority for any haulier, so we're really pleased to announce the newest unit of our vehicle replacement programme - V22 LHS, a Volvo FH4.

This is the first FH4 we've had on fleet, and it boasts a 500 horsepower engine and updated interior design.  This gives more cab space overall and additional driver comforts such as a fridge freezer and bigger bed - it even allows the driver to customise the layout and design of the dashboard instruments and gauges. 

The update in the design from the FH3s we had on fleet meant a tweak to our livery - our roundel makes a much bigger statement here and the design is sleeker and more modern, in keeping with the development of our business.  There are photos of our new addition on Facebook - let is know when you've seen V22 LHS out and about!