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Welcome to the family

Thursday, 15 May 2014 - 00:00

This year's Thornycroft Festival of Transport saw us launch our brand new curtainsider, in our brilliant updated livery.

The trailer is a M&G FAC27Y curtainsided model, with the capability to carry up to 26 pallets.  The overall height is 4.35m and payload is approximately 28,000kgs.  These trailers are a staple of our business, used in transporting palletised goods all across the UK and Europe.  The pillar-free roof means that we are able to transport items up to 14m long.


The 'roundel' logo that we launched on our multiuse trailer in December features prominently - for the first time ever, across the back doors.  This is a really eye-catching design and we're hugely grateful to our marketing advisor for all his help, and to the team at Lawrence David Advance Body Repairs for their fantastic work.

Many thanks again to John Bond, the Thornycroft Society and everyone involved in Sunday's event - another brilliant day out, thank you for including us!