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Our new arrivals !

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 - 17:56


In August last year we contracted Andover Trailers to custom build a new multiuse trailer for us.  This was a big decision, as it required significant financial investment, but since the trailer went on the road in December it has been in use every day and is booked out to the end of the month!


A lot of planning has gone into the design of this trailer. Its biggest asset is its adaptability; it has curtain sides and a sliding roof, meaning ease of access for side loading as well as the capability to be loaded by overhead crane, and to carry items taller than the trailer itself.  The step frame chassis has a very low floor and two hydraulic ramps; one at the rear allowing vehicles to drive from the ground onto the trailer and one internal at the front allowing vehicles to drive from the bed up onto the neck.  This makes the trailer incredibly flexible when it comes to the load it can carry.  It also has a remote operated winch, capable of an 8 ton straight line pull, to assist in loading non-powered vehicles and/or trailers (also in use for recovering machines which have broken down).



The trailer has already been used to deliver new baggage handling tow tractors to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, pedestrian pallet trucks, forklifts, Land Rovers, various military vehicles, access platforms and palletised goods.


It is also the first to showcase our new ‘roundel’ trailer livery – a modern, clean and eye-catching design we feel really makes the trailer stand out!  Thanks go to our marketing advisor for yet another superb job!



We also added a new truck to the fleet in October; a sister vehicle to our Volvo FH XL13.  This was another purchase from Lee and the team at Hanbury Riverside.  We’re continuing our vehicle replacement programme, working to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best possible level of service at the best possible price whilst minimising our effect on the environment.  V500 LHS was our first Volvo in over 20 years and we were so pleased with it we’ve bought another one!  Welcome to the fleet, V17 LHS.


You can pimp your desktop with a picture of our fabulous trucks.  Download our latest wallpapers featuring the trailer and peruse our other images from over the years.