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FairFuelUK Bombshell in the Budget

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 - 16:06

Today's Budget was deeply disappointing.  However, we will continue to campaign for fairer fuel prices, and pledge to continue in our support of FairFuelUK, and we entreat you to do the same.

We received the following email from them today:

"We imagine that, like us, you are angry and disappointed by the failure to act on petrol & diesel prices in this afternoon’s Budget.

The Government has not listened to our evidence that it could have reduced petrol & diesel tax AND been no worse off in overall revenue.  This is a ‘slap in the face’ to every family and business in Britain.

Our view is that the failure to scrap the fuel duty rise is the ‘Bombshell in the Budget’.  It will do immense damage to families and businesses.

Yes, we are angry and disappointed – but we are not giving up.  If today’s failure to act shows anything is shows this – we need more support than ever.

If you share how we are feeling, please spread the message by every means you can that FairFuelUK needs every family and business behind it.  We HAVE to fight back.  We need everyone in Britain that cares about the crippling damage being inflicted by high petrol & diesel taxes to actually sign up at www.fairfueluk.com.

Every signature makes our voice more powerful.  We currently have 220,000 supporters but need thousands more.

To make George Osborne life more difficult and get the vital change in thinking on fuel duty we need an even bigger show of ‘people power’.

Quentin Willson and the FairFuelUK Team"

Please visit their site, sign up and encourage your friends and family to do the same!