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Fair Fuel Update

Monday, 20 June 2011 - 10:31

We continue to monitor the fuel pricing situation closely, and would like to share the following update from Quentin Wilson, via FairFuelUK:

'Tuesday's debate in the Commons on fuel prices had plenty of MPs attending, lots of strong cross-party support and even the Minister acknowledged that the nation was hurting. The best thing of all was watching party divisions melting away and the broad agreement that something needs to be done, urgently. Robert Halfon MP, who arranged the debate, proposed a freeze on all future duty rises, an inquiry into the transparency of pump pricing and a mechanism to control duty when oil surges in price. Nobody disagreed with his proposals and he was regularly interrupted by MPs from all over the country reporting that their constituents are suffering real hardship. FairFuelUK continues to push the fuel duty monster onto Westminster's radar. We're not going to let the issue go away, nor are we going to let the government blame everything on the oil companies either. Keep following us and get everybody you know to sign our petition. I really believe we can pull this off, but we're always going to need your help. You, your friends, family and work colleagues can really make a difference. Sign our petition now!'

Quentin Willson

Please sign up if you haven't yet done so, and tell your friends, customers and suppliers - this issue really does affect everyone!