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Red Fox Squadron Rides Again!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 - 12:58

Following the roaring sucess of last year's London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation, our team of intrepid cyclists known as The Red Fox Squadron have chosen the Isle of Wight off-road 75km bike ride as this year's charity challenge!  The ride is on Saturday, 18th June.

Whilst the London to Brighton is a real test of pace, the Isle of Wight ride is completely off-road, making it an enormous challenge of strength and endurance.  75km off road - not something these long distance drivers are used to!

For more information on the fantastic work that the BHF does, please visit their site by clicking here.  

We're really grateful to everyone who helped us raise over £1,200 last year, and please don't be offended by us asking again.  We all understand that in the current economic climate the pressure on everyone's wallets has only gone up.  If you have a spare couple of quid though, we'd really appreciate it!

This year's riders are Matt Hunt, Roy Cuthbert, John Mallion, Darren Morgan, David Morgan and Malcolm Sinclair.  They are racing as a team (The Red Fox Squadron) and you can sponsor them via their team page here.