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The Fight for Fair Fuel Continues

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 - 10:29

We're really grateful to everyone who has signed the petition for fairer fuel, but the issue still continues....  Please see below for an update from Quentin Wilson, from FairFuel UK.  If you haven't signed up yet, please do so.  We're continuing to campaign!


The FairFuelUK Update from Quentin Willson


Thank you for signing the FairFuelUK campaign petition. You were one of the 140,000 that helped us force the scrapping of the 5p fuel duty rise and made George Osborne become the first Chancellor for a decade to reduce duty. YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN.  Believe it or not, prices would have been 6p even more on the increasing levels we have been seeing since the Budget. So, while we managed to get the government's undivided attention to the Budget day, they have failed us since.


The miserable 1p reduction in duty was swallowed up overnight and proved that tinkering round the edges and making empty political gestures achieves nothing. In fact I'd say the government made themselves look very foolish during the budget. Fuel duty is out of control. All our dire warnings are coming true. The £1.50 litre of diesel is probably only weeks away and the IMF agree that rising crude oil prices are a serious threat to UK growth. £2.00 a litre for diesel could become a awful reality. 


On the website www.fairfueluk.comwe have outlined the next phase of the FairFuelUK Campaign. We intend to focus on these 3 long haul campaign objectives with your support.

  1. Try to stop all further duty rises on fuel in this Parliament
  2. Aim to acheive parity with Europe in terms of duty. We pay on average 24p more than our EU colleagues
  3. Set up an effective fair fuel price stabiliser

With over 30 million drivers in the UK we can make a difference, a real diffrence. We can force the government to control duty and protect the economy. If each one of you contact at least ten of your friends, relatives and colleagues we'll have over a million signatures. And if they do the same too, we'll have several million more. Just imagine how insecure those MPs will feel with this much pressure on their constituency seats.


Our new plans are set out at www.fairfueluk.com. Fuel is cheap, its the tax duty that's villainously expensive. So contact as many people as you can and let's start multiplying those numbers. Only together can we make this absolute insanity stop.


Thanks again for your support..


Quentin Willson