We've pretty much been here, there, everywhere.




Up, down, left and right, if it needed to be moved, we’ve shifted it.  For over a century we’ve moved stuff, stuff from the usual loads of pallets to the more, let’s say, exotic.  






Just the usual is what others do.  We’re different.  Moving all manner of things requires a bit of creativity, so we binned the dictionary and invented our own word for what we do.  HUNTUSUAL.  It’s what everyone else would call ‘unusual’, but for us it’s our core business, so we put our name in it!












HUNTUSUAL - the ability to handle with the utmost care and attention the weird and wonderful, the big and small, the heavy and the light with unparalleled expertise.






If you’re looking to move something that you would consider HUNTUSUAL, get in touch.  We won’t fail to deliver.





Haulage, storage and workshops.  L Hunt & Sons.  The art of movement since 1896.