How it all began.







Herriard is a small rural village in Hampshire.  Largely unchanged and unspoilt, it’s not hard to imagine how it might have looked in 1896.   In that year, a local 23 year old called Walter James Hunt loaded a heifer onto a horse drawn cart and carried it to the market town of Basingstoke.  One hundred and fourteen years later, and about 2 miles up the road, his grandchildren and great grandchildren are continuing this heritage.  The horse and cart has been replaced with articulated lorries, and the heifer is anything from helicopters to forklifts to pharmaceuticals.
















Walter James Hunt began his horse and cart company as W.J. Hunt, transporting livestock to and from the local markets.  He expanded to move hay and coal, and gravel and stone for building the roads.  Certainly he was a busy man; along with this business he owned several properties and other businesses including the local public house, The New Inn (now the Fur & Feathers), and he and his wife Louisa raised seven sons. 













Thirty years after his first transport, his sons were now working for him, transporting in solid tyre AECs further afield.  When Walter died in 1938, his wife Louisa became head of the company, and marking this unusual step for a woman of her time, renamed the business L. Hunt & Sons.  They moved the business to the current premises in Upton Grey, a plot of land the family had owned since 1936.  By the time of Louisa’s death in 1965 many of her seven sons had followed their own paths, but Harry had chosen to pursue a career in the family business and continue with its growth and development.  











His own sons Gordon, Ivan and Derrick subsequently joined him, bringing with them articulated lorries to move animal feeds as well as livestock, and by the 1980s were taking on regular international work as far afield as Portugal, France, Italy and Spain.  The business diversified into general haulage, specialising in forklift transport.  Along with the three brothers, two of their wives, Elizabeth and Sandra, joined the business to take care of the accounts and keep the business a family affair.
















Another thirty years brings us to the present day, where we have the fourth generation in a successful family business.  Trading will continue with Derrick’s son and daughter; Matt has been working for the company since he was 17, beginning as a vehicle technician then becoming a driver while Sarah is the most recent addition, coming into the office in 2006.  Both obtained their management Certificates of Professional Competence in 2009, the training which prepares them to hold the Operator’s Licence.  

















Gordon and Ivan have retired in the last 5 years (although they continue to stay actively interested in the company - even driving on occasion!), and the history of the company will continue to expand as the next generation continues to learn from the ones before, moving confidently and competently into the company’s second century of active trading.  











L Hunt & Sons.  The art of movement since 1896.