Reducing our impact on the environment is one of our key initiatives.

In fact, it's what drives us.  The need for society as a whole to reduce CO2 emissions is critical to combat climate change. Producing CO2 is an unavoidable part of road haulage, but we can reduce our emissions and are doing so through a number of initiatives.

Our overall and ambitious target is to become carbon neutral.  We want to become the first road haulage company to be able to say our impact on the environment is a positive one and we are well on our way to achieving that.

We continue to invest in our fleet of vehicles through our on going modernisation programme.  In the last 6 years we have replaced 5 of our senior tractor units with the latest units from Scania and Volvo, offering much greater fuel economy and less CO2 emissions, further reducing our impact on the environment.  This new vehicle replacement programme, along with our rigorous maintenance regime further ensures that our fleet operates at its most efficient.  

We have actively managed down our paper usage in the office by implementing a new software system.  This Vigo system allows us to invoice, statement, POD, plan and pay via email and e-banking.  Our eventual aim is to fully utilise existing technologies to become a true paperless office, reducing administration and becoming even more efficient.  It's good for the environment as well as being good business sense.

We care about our fleet as much as the contents we carry.  We take great pride in what we do every day and it is this mentality that will ensure we achieve our objective.